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Work & Projects

A sampling of some of my public work and personal projects
  • Role Classic

    Role-playing party game built for your phone. Designed around the question: "What if D&D was as easy to play as Apples to Apples?" With no social media and $0 in marketing, Role Classic gained over 100,000 players.

  • Hack Design

    Introductory product design course. With lessons written by industry professionals, Hack Design has more than 350,000 students.

  • Beyond Tokyo

    Roomscale VR travel experience built for the HTC Vive. Explore fantasy versions of famous locations in Japan while taking a journey through an interactive story about Hachiko, Japan’s most loyal dog.

  • Never Bout Us

    Ground breaking 360 music video created for VR viewing. Released in 2016, it went on to gain over 800,000 views. It's release was accompanied by a physical press kit including a custom cardbord VR viewer and memorabilia from the artist.

  • Atlas

    VR sci-fi adventure for the Oculus Rift & Touch. Explore the world on your hover bike and solve environmental puzzles to unlock the mysteries hiding within the world.

  • Balances

    Bitcoin financial app. Send & receive payments and track the balances of all your cryptocurrencies.

  • Profile

    Digital Look Book packaged in an iOS app.

  • CED Innovators

    Interactive data visualization. Created with D3.js.

  • GOOD Fridays

    iOS music player. An exploration in mobile audio player design with the music of Kanye West.

  • Retina Mac Apps

    The #1 resource for discovering retina supported apps after the 2012 launch of the first Retina Macbook Pro.

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