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Ian Hirschfeld

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What I'm Doing Right Now

In 2020, Logan Dwight and I co-found Role, Inc. where I operate as our Lead Developer. Learn more about what we are buliding.

About Me Professionally

I'm a Fullstack Software Engineer with a degree in Computer Science and Digital Art. I have over a decade of experience building applications of all shapes and sizes. I've created social networks, multimedia applications, and virtual reality experiences. I've worked at startups, large companies, and have been a consultant for some of the biggest brands in the world. Learn more about me and my career or take a deeper dive into my past work and projects.

Something A Little More Personal

My favorite book is The Neverending Story and my favorite movie, The Matrix. My most frequently played games are Apex Legends and Rocket League. I'm a believer in the future of VR and currently enjoy the Metaverse with my Oculus Quest. My social network of choice is Twitter and is the only place I post with any consistency. I love watching movies and I write about them on Cinepocalypse. When I disconnect, I like to exercise through Muay Thai and head to the beach for some surfing.

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