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Digital Look Book packaged in an iOS app.


While working at The Soap Collective, we wanted to find a unique way to introduce the agency to potential clients. We had two objectives:

  1. Showcase members of our team
  2. Show off our skills as interactive designers

After a brainstorming session, we settled on a digital look book that would feature our team’s background, skills, and personal interests. The book would be packaged in a native app giving us full control over the UI and interactions. We developed custom swipe and transition mechanics to create a unique flow of information through the app.

About the Digital Look Book

Once we had our concept locked in, we began experimenting with different types of interactions. Since we were putting our Look Book into a native app, we played around with what kind of swipe interactions we could come up with. After some prototyping we designed a UX flow that always presented information no matter what direction you swiped in.

We broke the app into three zones: left, middle, right. The middle zone is the primary space and where the app launches into. From there, you can swipe left to reveal info about The Soap Collective. Swiping right reveals a table of contents allowing you to quickly jump to any section within the middle zone. The middle is the primary flow of information. Starting from the launch screen, swiping down will progressively take your through various projects that the agency has worked on. Swiping up from the launch screen, will take your through the background and skills of our team.

In addition to the swipe mechanics, we wanted to allow users to be able to tap to get to any section of the app. We added icons that always show you how you can get to the next piece of information either by tapping the icon or swiping in the direction indicated.

Hidden Interaction

For one final piece to the look book, we added an Easter egg. If you flip your phone upside down, the app transitions to its B-side. In this mode, all project information becomes “behind-the-scenes” and all team member bios get a little more personal.

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