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About Me


I’m a Fullstack Software Engineer with a degree in Computer Science and Digital Art. These days my primary languages and frameworks consists of: React, Redux, Ruby on Rails, and Postgres. I’ve also done my fair share of infrastructure work across Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. In the past I’ve used Swift, Scala, C#, MySQL, along with a plethora of other tools and SDKs to support my work.

Companies I've Worked At

I've had the pleasure of working at some great companies over the years:

  • Unity Technologies: I joined as a Senior Fullstack Engineer on the Analytics team. After sometime, I transferred to the Artificial Intelligence team where I eventually became an Engineering Manager. I worked on various services and products that were responsible from anywhere between 750k-1M requests per minute.
  • The Soap Collective: A multimedia agency that I co-found. I worked with many brands on a range of products including mobile apps, interactive web apps, and virtual reality experiences.
  • Envoy: I was an early iOS Engineer at Envoy. I worked on their flagship iPad app as well as helped build the first version of their iPhone app. I designed and built their bluetooth check-in system.
  • Mighty Networks: I was Employee #7 in the early days of Mighty Networks. I worked on both the frontend and backend of the platform helping build features to support the launch of Lean In Circles, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and American Express OPEN.

For more a more in-depth look at my work history, view my LinkedIn.

Brands I've Worked With

Both personally, and through my former agency The Soap Collective, I've been able to work along side some amazing brands. Together, we've built and delivered a variety of digital and in-person (pre-covid) experiences for their customers.

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